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    Finding the right coach can be exhausting, and “Dr. P” can help.

    Seeing life differently can help navigate the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors necessary for change. Psychological coaching helps produce awareness of obstacles in the achievement of goals.

    Our coaching services incorporate a comprehensive model with specificity linked to focused change.

    Executive and psychological coaching is a developmental intervention to improve individual attitudes and behaviors. Organizations, individuals, and parents are seeking coaching to support life challenges. Coaching can lead to achievement by facilitating psychological resources and gains that clients can apply to life and work experiences. Coaching facilitation can increase beneficial outcomes through a medium-term professional, collaborative relationship between client and coach. Psychological coaching impacts self-efficacy, hope, optimism, resilience, positive states, traits, and behaviors when used appropriately.


    An individual’s belief and ability to complete tasks are linked to one’s confidence. Setting goals and reflecting on achievements is critical to the coaching process, allowing the clients to experience growth.


    Hope linked to coaching is a motivational being and thought process characterized by a sense of urgency toward goal achievement. Understanding how to recognize and accept change can be complex but vital to sustaining achievement. The coaching process encourages solution-focused strategies to promote critical thinking attainable approach to implementing change. Self-reflection supports clients’ sustainability interests and determination to achieve goals.


    Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something define optimism. Having positive attribution about the future diminishes negative past experiences and thoughts. Coaches unlock this mindset with clients through positive interventions to eliminate discouragement.


    Resilience in coaching is when the client illustrates the characteristic of never giving up and utilizing resources to achieve or sustain positive outcomes. The coach supports as the acting sounding board.


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    Executive Coaching

    Our executive coaching services help companies and individuals reflect on career goals, improve self-awareness, gain insight on potential, and serve as a conversation partner for change. Executive leaders and teams who want to:

    • Improve performance at work.
    • Prepare for advancement at work and in professional life.
    • Improve organization objectives and work effectively with others to achieve positive gains within the organizational structure.

    Life coaching: Scaffolding the progression of life

    In life, we all need a little help discovering the path we aspire to take. Goals are often set, but we struggle with getting from point A to point B. Dr. P can help identify your strengths and weaknesses to overcome obstacles holding you back from growth and balance in your personal and professional life. Let us focus on what is happening now, pinpointing resistance to change and bridging the gap to a successful life.

    Whole Health Coaching

    Our whole health coaching services help clients achieve individual health and wellness goals through a whole help perspective, improve nutrition choices, manage stress and anxiety, and implement long-term habits. We work with clients to take a holistic approach to change their views about food, relationships, career, spiritual well-being, and all life areas impacting lifestyle practice.

    Relationship Coaching 

    Coaching can support individuals and couples in learning the connection between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset that contributes to relationships and dating. A relationship coach helps clients identify possible problems, nurture, and build strong, loving, supportive relationships.

    Parenting Coaching

    Have you ever wished for a parent manual? If only children came with instructions, parenting could be much easier. That is a thought that most parents have had at some point in their lives.

    Life does not prepare one for parenting. Individual’s experiences are different; some had parents that set a good example. But others grew up in homes where the dynamic between child and parent was anything but functional or consistently loving.

    Regardless of being raised in a loving environment, you can never be fully prepared to handle sticky situations with your own children. You never really know what behavioral challenges your child may wind up struggling with and how those will affect your other children and the family. This is where parenting coaching matters.

    Coaching is a bit different from traditional psychotherapy or counseling in that its focus is more goal-directed. Whereas traditional therapy may have you spend weeks exploring past events to recognize how they have contributed to current moods and behaviors, parenting coaching helps you choose a goal (get my child to do their homework without a daily tantrum) and offers tried and true techniques to help get the outcomes you desire.

    Who is Parenting Coaching For?

    Parenting coaching is for any parent that wishes to resolve behavioral struggles with their children. These struggles can include typical daily struggles such as:

    • Morning routines
    • Homework struggles
    • Sibling bickering

    Coaching can also help with more demanding behaviors that push the parent’s skillset. These include:

    • Dealing with a strong-willed child
    • Getting a picky eater to eat
    • Engaging with an angry or defiant teenager
    • Guiding a child with Attention Deficit issues

    A coach is that person in your corner that offers the best tools to reach the goals you have set and cheers you on as you do the work and take the necessary steps. Dr. P can help you navigate through the challenges.

    Need help with addressing some of these parenting issues? Please get in touch with Dr. P.